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last updated on April 24th, 2017

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Bobs Return flight home.

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Yr 21

    I may sound like a broken record but how can I say it differently, this was the best Trivia ever.  With a total of 360 teams playing Trivia, we scored in 163rd place with overall points of 7615.  That was our best score ever.  You can check the Stempski website and go to Trivia to see past scores.   

  We lost a few players over the years but gained others.  This year we were joined by Sarah’s friend Amy who is great at research with her typing skills, and the newest member Nick Kessler.  We could not have gotten this far without the whole Marks’ family.  After we closed up shop here at the BB&BB Headquarters, the play resumed at the Marks’ house till the end of the contest at midnight on Sunday.  It was with their added help that we earned over 800 points in the evening alone. 

Of course I have to thank you ALL of YOU for all you did.  Dave, Todd and Ava doing the running questions; Dave, Tom and Emily doing the music questions; Anna, Sarah, Amy and Todd pulling an all nighter on Friday; and Lisa, Doug, Anna and Todd pulling all night on Saturday. 

 It is said without doubt that Trivia couldn’t be Trivia without all the fan-tab-u-lus food that surrounded us.  Mary’s burritos, Emily’s pretzels/dip; Paula’s BLT dip; Sarah’ summer salsa; Anna’s pot stickers and egg rolls; and I could go on and on.  I have a personal thank you to the team captain Bob for all his radio and computer set up before hand. 

And we can’t forget, we won the grocery bag that they give away every hour.  It was chuck full of…cheese fries, energy drink, cheese, sausage, candy, popcorn, snacks, and other miscellaneous.  Probably worth at least $25.00.  Thank you Trivia. 

         So thank you to all BB&BB Trivia Team Members.   

         And remember to mark your calendars for Trivia 49, April 13-14-15, 2018. 

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies year 21. from Robert Stempski on Vimeo.

See Video of previous years on the Trivia Page.

The 2017 Trivia wrap up… 

Year   Theme of contest   Date held   Place   Points
2018 Trivia 49   The trivia rush of 49   April 13-14-15   1st   30,000
2017 Trivia 48   The Royalty of Contests   April 21, 22, 23   163   7615
2016 Trivia 47   It's not your Fathers contest.   April 15-16-17   204   5450
2015 Trivia 46   Guardians of the Contest   April 17-18-19   217   5940
2014 Trivia 45   "Trivia on 45"   April 11th-12-13th   234   3840
2013 Trivia 44   “That’s not all Folks”   April 20-21-22   242   2385
2012 Trivia 43   “Trivia Grit” J Wayne   April 8-9-10   229   2405

Thank you all trivia players.  Mark your calendars for 2018 April 13, 14, 15 Trivia 49

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Year 22