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last updated on June 22nd, 2024

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Bobs Return flight home.

Trivia 51

October 23-24-25, 2020 

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Yr 25



2021 Raid on trivia 51

April 16th 17th and 18th

Trivia 2021 is over at least for us. 

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Year 25 and DONE are finished and it sure was a great run. After all, 25 consecutive years with so many memories with family and friends can never be forgotten. And nothing can top that. 

Bob and I did play this year but being alone, our heart just wasn’t in it. With nice weather and other outdoor things going on.

We played for maybe a total of eight hours. But without our family and friends around us, it was no fun. Trivia was a blast for 25 years but it was killed by Covid-19. Thanks to all our players over the years. We enjoyed the work of hosting trivia and the time spent with you all was an eternal blessing.

We scored a grand total of 325 points and placed 293 this year but at least we got on the board and that is all we hoped for. 

But we want to give a BIG SHOUT out to a new team “Simply ReMarksable”, consisting of Anna, Dave, Tom, Mary, Emily, and of course Ava and Evey Marks. They played in Iowa and did a fantastic job. They scored an amazing 5,530 points and placed 155th place.

Great job guys. They carried out the trivia party with all the traditions; Papa Murphy pizza, summer salsa, burritos, homemade pretzels, BLT dip, and maybe even pistachio torte. Maybe a new tradition is started for Iowa trivia.


         Mark your calendars for April 8th, 9th, 10th 2022  Trivia 52.

Trivia 50 2019 from Robert Stempski on Vimeo.

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Thank you all trivia players.  Mark your calendars for April 8th 9th and 10thTrivia Fifty two.

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Year 26