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last updated on April 20th, 2019

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Bobs Return flight home.

Trivia 5

April 12-13-14, 2019 

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Yr 23


So where do I begin this LONG story…”It was the best of times,

It was the worst of times”.  That about says it all. 

Year 23 (2019) news letter. 

Thank you all for another wonderful trivia.  I sound like a broken record.  Another banner year for trivia, every year it gets better and better than the year before.  Although last year was an exceptional year with the 35+" of snow, players being stranded, and some loss of power.  This year was different that we changed up the menu and had different players joining the team.  We opened it up the grandkids, Ava, Lilly and Evey, since they are the only ones interested. 
But before I go any further we have to say a special thank you to Tom and Dave Marks for their offer to help shovel and plow the driveway in prep for trivia to begin.  Bob and I have a difficult time asking for help, and especially with a minor hand problem, this helped us immensely.  I want to say a most gracious thank you for all you did. 
There were a lot of opinions on menu changes and everyone seemed to like the changes.  We had Erbert Gerbert sub platter to add to the Fri pizza night, thanks to Amy.  Sarah made breakfast burritos and Mary M opted for a delish hot shrimp chibatta spread.  Paula added nachos and Doug brought his famous chocolate chip cookies.  And how could we forget our favorite requests...homemade pretzels/dip, BLT dip, and summer salsa. 
After playing trivia with such wonderful family friends for 23 years how could we improve any on the weekend?  And yet we do.  You'd think we'd tire of the trivia weekend and yet each and every year we have more fun and laughs than the year before.  Molly joined us for several hours through the night which brought added help and new blood.  Amy and Molly came close to the highest score but Amy won out slightly and won the trivia pint glass.  Next year we'll have 1st and 2nd place prizes. 
Unlike last year where many were stranded here and we played till the final hour, the torch was passed to the Marks house Sun at 6p.m. where they played till the 54th hour. 
I am sure that I have forgotten to say thank you to someone or forgot to mention something else, but know that we appreciated all your fun and laughs and help with everything over the whole weekend.  Thank you all.
We ended up in 173rd place with 7175 points.  Mark your calendar for Trivia 51, next year April 17-18-19, 2020. 
BBBB year 24 and going strong.


         Mark your calendars for April 17, 18, 19 2020 Trivia Fifty One.

Trivia 50 2019 from Robert Stempski on Vimeo.

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The 2019 Trivia wrap up… 

Year   Theme of contest   Date held   Place   Points
2019 Trivia 50   Trivia Five-0   April 12, 13, 14   173   7175
2018 Trivia 49   The trivia rush of 49   April 13-14-15   201st   4,805
2017 Trivia 48   The Royalty of Contests   April 21, 22, 23   163   7615
2016 Trivia 47   It's not your Fathers contest.   April 15-16-17   204   5450
2015 Trivia 46   Guardians of the Contest   April 17-18-19   217   5940
2014 Trivia 45   "Trivia on 45"   April 11th-12-13th   234   3840
2013 Trivia 44   “That’s not all Folks”   April 20-21-22   242   2385
2012 Trivia 43   “Trivia Grit” J Wayne   April 8-9-10   229   2405

Thank you all trivia players.  Mark your calendars for April 17, 18, 19 2020 Trivia Fifty One.

Baby Boomers and Boomers Babies Year 24