National Home Brewing Day.  May 1st 2010.
grinding grain for BIAB Grinding the grain into the brew bag with help!
Biab in pot Crushed grain goes in the keggel.
Biab Bungee cord Bungee cord goes around the keggle and bag.
Biab Bag Hight Adjust the height of the bag according to what your doing or the amount of grain.
biab water1 The bottom water is hot and the grain bag act's like a heat barrier. I take the hotter water from below and dump in on the grain from above. The water mixes and stabilizes at a truer temp. If left to chance the temperature of the grain will not show the true temperature of the water below.
biab water2

Three or four pitchers of HOT water will do. I had the water at 122 F. I put the bag in and mixed it up to prevent any dough balls. I stuck a digital probe into the center of the mash and it was at 112 F. After the addition of the hot water from below the mash was at 121.3 F. close enough!

Yes, I could raise the water temperature above the recommended temperature and let it stabilize lower. But 7 Lbs of grain and 16 lbs of grain absorb water and hold temps differently and I don't like to do math!

biab mash temperature

121.3 F. This is the temp for the first rest of 20 minutes and then 60 minutes at 153 F.


biab lifting with arms Some day I will work on a pulley system for now I will use those huge arms.
No Chill biab After the Boil it goes straight into the cube without cooling. This is NC or "No chill" The boiling wort and all the trube goes in the cube and cools overnight" In the next day or two I will siphon it into the fermenting bucket and pitch the yeast!
Kegging biab Two brews done this day. A Cream Ale and a Chinook IPA. On tap are a Amarillo Ale, Bavarian Helles and Irish Red Ale. In the fridge is a Irish Dry Stout with (a quart of whiskey dumped in that had oak chips, cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans and raisins soaking in it for a month) Oh Boy!
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