Bath Cooked Eggs in Beer Mash
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A typical beer brewing session is 152F - 66.6C for 60 minutes. I placed 3 raw (uncracked) eggs in my mash. I pulled out the eggs before mashout. After the eggs cooled down I ate them! BIAB'ers are a different lot!

I placed the 3 eggs in a plastic bag and pushed the eggs down into the center of the (well mixed) mash. As the bag was submerged I let out the remaining air so that their was little air left. I wanted the mash to surround the eggs. I used a large bag so that I could spread the eggs apart to increase contact area.

I was originally going to just place the (StarSan)'ed eggs right in the mash but I chicken'ed out! I thought that at least the calcium would help the wort if they broke?

Bath Cooked Eggs

Eggs in beer mash

Above are the eggs before I push them under the mash. Maybe we could use a hop sack? (no air) problems? I wanted to be sanitary in case the eggs broke while in the mash. You can't stir with eggs in the mash so I mixed them up well before hand.

The steam clouded the picture but there is a spoon holding the eggs under the mash. The small amount of air in the bag wants to float the eggs out of the mash! When Summer time comes I will re-take clearer pictures!

BIAB eggs

The eggs were great (If you like them runny) I just cracked them one at a time. Peeled the top off and using the bottom shell as a bowl I slurped them down. It's messy but hey your cooking eggs in beer mash? What do you want?

egg temos.

Traditional method for bath cooked eggs is below. Found this on the web somewhere?
Time: 45 to 60 minutes
12 eggs.

1. Place a rack in a pot or deep baking pan, fill with hot water and place on stove over lowest heat possible. Bring temperature to 140F to 145F, and add eggs. They must stay on rack and not touch bottom. Cover and maintain low temperature, checking frequently.

2. Test an egg after 40 minutes by cracking on plate; if white is cooked, egg is done. If not, try another in 5 minutes. When eggs are done, use immediately or cool and refrigerate for up to a day. Bring to room temperature or reheat in hot water for a minute or so before serving.

Yield: 12 bath-cooked eggs.

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